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GDC Bullet PMD Stream collection 


All PMD packages must be placed into the special transparent PMD bags which are available in supermarkets.

If you live in a single house GREEN DOT CYPRUS collects your PMD bag from your pavement. If you live in a single house or a block of flats and you normally place your garbage in a large container (wheeled bin 1100ltr), then you will notice that a GREEN DOT CYPRUS blue container has been placed next to it in order for you to drop your PMD bags into it. If no such PMD bin has been placed, then the collection is done from your pavement.

The collection frequency is once a week. Their collection is carried out with standard press type compression waste collection vehicles, with low compression in order to render possible the further sorting of materials.

PMD is collected at the same day as paper and depends on the place you live.


GDC Bullet Paper Stream collection 


It was chosen to collect paper stream separately from the other waste streams, directly from your house every week. It is carried out through kerbsite collection with standard press type compression waste collection vehicles.


The paper stream is collected from house to house, from the pavement of your residence. Place the recycle items outside your house, in the special brown bags for Paper that are available in supermarkets, or in a paper box, or in a plastic brown box that is available in DIY shops and supermarkets (which will be returned when emptied for re -use). You may also tie the paper into reams with string.

The materials, after their collection, are transported to a paper management facility which has also been selected following invitation to tender. This facility is responsible for the management of materials and their promotion for recycling in Cyprus or abroad.

Paper is collected at the same day as PMD and depends on the place you live.

GDC Bullet Glass Stream collection 

The glass stream is collected alone and separately from other materials and it is the only stream that is not collected by kerbsite collection. Instead, it’s collected by the bring system. With regard to its collection, special bell shaped bins are placed at points that are chosen together with the local authorities.

All glass colours (transparent, brown, green, blue etc.) are collected mixed, since on the basis of the investigation that was carried out, the value of the material is not significantly improved if the transparent one is sorted from the other colours.

The collection of the material is performed by subcontractors that are selected through invitation to tenders and with the use of open trucks with special emptying crane for the bell-shaped bins.

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