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In general, the way that the Collective System aims at reinforcing the management of commercial/industrial packaging is by providing financial payments that aim at covering the difference between the collection, transport and pre-processing cost of the C/IPW and the commercial value of the secondary raw materials that arise from their pre-processing. Of course, these payments are aimed at materials the management cost of which is bigger than the commercial value of the materials that arise from their processing in order to have the biggest possible quantities of C/IPW recovered and recycled.

With regard to every basic packaging material, the comparison of its management cost to its value as a secondary material has been made and the difference between these two, where the cost exceeds the value plus a reasonable profit percentage for the manager shall be covered by the financial payments provided by the System. This means that materials that would not be otherwise driven to recovery or recycling because such a thing would not be financially viable, with the support of the System’s payments can be finally forwarded for recovery and recycling.

The system with its operation provides the necessary financial payments in order to recover and recycle significantly bigger C/IPW quantities of various types, with a systematic way, since fluctuations in the commercial value of the materials in the international market are absorbed by the differentiations in the payments that the System shall provide.


The basic players that are involved in the C/IPW management, besides the collective management System (which shall be used as a joint meeting place of the responsible producers and managers of the C/IPW), are the following:

(a) Responsible organizations that either:
- produce and package products in Cyprus in order to trade them in the Cypriot Market. - import packaged products to resell them in the Cypriot market - import packaged products with the aim to use them they themselves in their production procedure (raw material, parts etc)

(b) Organizations that unpack at their installations packed products for any reason (warehouses, distribution centres, shops, factories, etc.). But who are not responsible for that Packaging according to the definition of the Law.

(c) Packaging managers who collect, transport, recycle or trade packaging materials or recover energy from packaging materials.

With all the aforementioned organizations the collective System has developed a partnership in order to achieve the highest possible recovery and recycling targets of the C/IPW.

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