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An important part of the packaging waste placed on the Cyprus market is the Commercial and Industrial packaging waste that mainly consists of Secondary (group packaging) and Tertiary (transport packaging), packaging usually produced in distribution centres, in central warehouses and shops, and from raw material packaging that is used in production units (factories).

Types of packaging and materials

Due to the fact that the C/IPW is mainly secondary and tertiary packaging it usually consists of the following materials: (a) Cartons and corrugated cardboard
(b) Plastic films usually manufactured from low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE)
(c) Plastic boxes and crates usually from HDPE
(d) Plastic barrels usually from PE and PVC
(e) Metal and plastic straps
(f) Wooden pallets and crates
(g) Metal barrels and tins
And other materials in smaller quantities.

Production of Commercial/Industrial Packaging

An important and common feature of the C/IPW is that they are produced (as packaging waste) in a specific form and in big quantities in factories, re-distribution centres, shopping malls, repackaging centres etc. In addition, these packages when produced by the bodies in charge of unpackaging (companies at the courtyards of which C/IPW are produced), they remain free from other waste (organic, liquid etc.) and as such they are of higher quality and more easily manageable than household packaging.

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