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The incentives per ton material aimed to cover the additional cost to manage the materials in a way that avoids intervention and distortion causing distortion to the operation of the free market. On the contrary, the incentive aim at creating the right dynamics in the market in order to achieve the biggest possible utilization of packaging materials, within a reasonable financial framework and by creating sound competition.

The collective System has developed a spectrum of different incentives paid to the various stakeholders involved, through a smart mechanism of mutual exchange of information, mutual control and proper cooperation.

Recycling Incentive

The most important incentives are the Recycling Incentives. These payments aim at encouraging the utilization of packaging materials that until today, it was not financially viable to recycle them.

The System has calculated which is the necessary incentive per ton of each different packaging material, in order to collect separately, transport and recycle or recover, on the basis of the most recent data. In addition the Incentives shall be revised on a regular basis due to the changes (cyclicality) of the prices of the materials in the international market that directly influence the financials of the management of the packaging materials.

It is a requirement the management of materials to takes place always according to the provisions of the respective legislation and to thoroughly recover and recycle the materials with approved management companies. These companies shall have a contract with the System and shall submit the reports required by the System. The recycling Incentive is paid to the accredited packaging manager. The Incentive is paid per ton of material that was utilized. The Incentive aims to cover the difference between the management cost of the material and its value as a secondary material.

The materials have been grouped for simplification with regard to incentives and as such, incentives regard the weighed average of the required Incentive with regard to the said material category. It is therefore possible for some materials, the Incentive to be either a bit higher or a bit lower compared to what it would be if each material was priced separately. In each case and for every group of materials, the weighed Incentive is such (it has been planned as such), in order for a packaging manager dealing with various materials to outweigh the management costs that shall be required for this category of materials.

The procedures for the payment of these Incentives are particularly important since they develop the necessary control mechanisms for the operation of the players involved in the production and management of C/IPW. In order for a body that unpacks products to be able to apply to the system for payment of recycling incentives he shall be registered in the System as a body that unpacks products. At the end of every trimester he shall receive from the accredited packaging manager that serves him, a C/IPW management certificate with the total number of tons per packaging material that the packaging manager has received and recycled on his behalf. This certificate shall be controlled by the System and it shall be in line with the declarations of the accredited packaging manager vis-à-vis the System, as well as the waste distribution records that under the Law the managers must keep and must be at the disposal of the System for checking and verification. Once everything is checked and verified, then the System shall pay the recycling incentives pro rata to the unpacked and the Packaging manager.

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